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Small wind generator,small wind turbine

1.Low start up wind speed, compact, light, beautiful and with little vibration.
2.Easy installation, flange connection.
3.Casting aluminum alloy body, blades using new art of precision injection molding , 
matched with optimized aerodynamic shape and structure,which enhance the wind energy utilization and 
annual output.
4.Patented permanent magnet ac generator with special stator,effectively reduce torque, make only 1/3 torque of ordinary generator,well match the wind wheel and generator, and ensure the performance of whole system.
5.Adopting MPPT intelligent micro effectively adjusts current and voltage.

Model NE-100S NE-200S NE-300S NE-400S
Rated power 100W 200W 300W 400W
Maximum power 130W 220W 310W 410W
Rated voltage 12V/24V 12V/24V 12V/24V 24V
Start up wind speed 2.0m/s 2.0m/s 2.0m/s 2.0m/s
Rated wind speed 10m/s 11.5m/s 13m/s 13m/s
Survival wind speed 55m/s 55m/s 50m/s 50m/s
Top net weight 6kg 6.2kg 6.5kg 6.8kg
Wheel diameter 1.2m 1.3m 1.35m 1.4m
Blades number 3/5
Blades material Nylon fiber
Generator Three phase permanent magnet ac generator
Magnetic steel NdFeB
Generator case Die-casting aluminum
system Electromagnet
Speed regulation Automatically adjust windward
Working temperature -40℃¡«80℃


small wind turbine

100w wind generator wind generator,200w wind generator

12/24 volt wind generator,100w wind turbine,200w wind turbine,CE certification

200w wind turbine,CE certification


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